Pre-Bootcamp Workouts

Pre-Bootcamp Workouts


Thinking about joining the Air Force? First of all, good for you, it is an incredible honor to serve in the U.S Air Force as an Airman or whatever job you decide to take up within the military branch.

However, if you are like most people, you are probably wondering if you can even survive the rigors of boot camp – or basic training as some call it.  No worries. You are probably in a better position and shape than you think. And if you are not?

Well, these workouts will help you get to where you need to go BEFORE joining the Air Force.

They say success is a combination of preparation plus opportunity. The thing people do not say is that the biggest share in that Venn diagram of success is… the actual preparing part.

Obviously, before you decide to go ahead with this strategy of preparation, if you have any kind of health issues at all you should first consult with your doctor. Let them know you are considering joining the Air Force and you want to up your physical exercises to help you prepare for basic training. They will give you good advice that you should follow to make sure not to injure or hurt yourself in any fashion.

Alright… introducing the 14 week program you should follow before joining the Air Force!

You can actually read about it officially from the military itself at:

I won’t go into detail of each specific exercise that you will be doing, but I will talk about this program in, but I will go over what you will need and the basics of what you will be doing to prepare.

The 14 week program is setup to help you prepare for the Air Force basic training. Basic training is going to consist of long, grueling physical exercise and this program helps build you up stamina wise to be able to succeed.

It starts off slow, with a bit of cardio and some pushups at intervals. However, as the weeks go on longer you will from a 2 minute jogging exercise all the way on week 14 where you do a 17 minute straight run. The cardio exercises also become more intense as the weeks go on by.

Remember, regardless of what week you are on or what level of “being in shape” , that you must stretch.

Stretching is the most important part of any workout. It helps prevent avoidable injuries, loosens your muscles, and makes the entire workout much more effective due to increased blood flow.

Along with stretching, remember to hydrate copiously. This is especially true if you are just starting to work out and have not done many physical activities recently. Build yourself up slowly and win the race.

The other gear I would recommend are a good pair of wicking shorts (that moves your sweat from the inside to the outside to help prevent chafing), a shirt that also wicks away sweat, and a good pair of breathable running sneakers.

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