The Real Air Force Lifestyle

The Real Air Force Lifestyle

Air Force can be a lucrative career for the right individual. It helps to make sure that first before you join, that you really are that right individual. Unlike a traditional job, you cannot just “quit” or “opt out” of military service. When you sign up, you are doing time as the official property of the United States of America’s government.

Seriously, that is part of your contract and duty.

Out of all the branches, the Air Force promotes some of the best educational opportunities around with the least amount of combat risk. That risk is of course there, as it is with anyone who becomes a soldier. You will have to be okay in knowing that one day you may be call upon to serve in the open field of battle, lined up against the enemy.

However, this is a very rare occurrence.

As far as careers go, almost anything you can think of is here.

Whether you want to be a lawyer (also called a judge advocate officer or JAG), a doctor, a nurse, a pilot (though lots of testing goes into this one!), or even a business admin, you will find all these choices present in the Air Force.

Tech school is very similar to your traditional college experience with a few key differences. For instance, you will have to be up before the sun comes up, in room the night before classes, wearing a uniform and yes marching to class. However, depending on which vocation you have chosen, often military tech schools have easier tests and exams versus traditional universities. Again, this is really dependent on which field you choose to study.

Of course before you get to go to tech school, first you have to go to basic.

Basic boot camp will be physically exhausting. If you have not done anything physical in quite a while, it is heavily recommended that you start some kind of workout routine or regiment BEFORE joining the Air Force. You want to make sure you put your best feet forward when it comes to your service. Not to mention, you don’t want your first few weeks of serving in the Air Force to be completely miserable, do you?


So go ahead and start working out TODAY instead of tomorrow!

After basic and tech school, you will be assigned to your first base. Once you are at the first base, you will be given an assignment and that assignment will most likely be in an office environment. This really depends again on your choice of study in tech school. However, the office environment is like anything else you might find at your typical job.

Also, like a typical job, after work hours are usually your time to do whatever you want with. No one really will be keeping track of you and what you do with yourself. So it is very much like a typical 9 to 5 in that aspect.

However, the Air Force is full of opportunities your typical 9 to 5 simply will never be able to offer you.

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